About me

Although an Indian by birth, I was raised and have lived for more than 18 years in the charming island country of Bahrain. Hence, it is only obvious that I consider the Middle East to be more of my home than my motherland, India. Infact, I also currently live in Doha, Qatar along with my husband and our daughter who is 2+ years old now.

I am a banker by profession and a passionate foodie at heart. I love cooking and baking. Both me and my husband love to sample world cuisines and I also attempt to experiment them in my kitchen. I aim to record those experiences through this space of mine. You can find here restaurant reviews, tried and tasted recipes, personal memoirs and travel memories.

Extrovert by nature and I also love making new friends from around the world and exchanging cultural tidbits.

Want to connect? You can email me at gayathri.ramdas@gmail.com and also follow me on Instagram at gayathri_ramdas.

Gayathri Ramdas Sreekanth

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